Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Student Announcements  


Corn Dog

Baked Beans

Cross-cut Sweet Potato Fries


Apple Juice


Lunch Workers for August 29-Sept. 2nd: Shelby Roy, Tyler Lands, Aaron Smith, Samantha Ivey



X-Country Running starts TOMORROW, August 30th! Please stop by the FRONT office counter to get your registration packet to take home.  If you circle all sports you might be interested in participating in, you will only have to submit this form once all year.  The season runs until to Sept. 28th, 3:15-4:15, Tues, Wed. & Thurs. and have your ride pre-arranged.  Please pay your fee no later than the first practice. See you there!


Parents!  To check balance on your child’s food service account:

Log into Powerschool

Click on lunch and fees

Click on Lunch planner

WORD OF THE DAY:   distinguish v.t. Definition: 1. to mark off as different. 2. to recognize as distinct or different; recognize the individual features or characteristics of. 3. to perceive clearly by sight or other sense; discern; recognize. Example: His height distinguishes him from the other boys. Synonyms: differentiate, identify

INTERESTING FACT:   How is earth like a peach? Earth, like a peach, has a thin outer skin. This is Earth’s crust. Underneath Earth’s crust is the juicy fruit, or mantle. The mantle is a thick layer of really hot rocks and goopy semi-melted rock called magma. Underneath the mantle is the peach pit, Earth’s core, a solid, superhot ball of iron. Now imagine that the skin of our peachy Earth has been sliced into sixteen or so irregularly shaped pieces. All these separate pieces, or plates, float around the outside of Earth like giant rafts on a sea of molten rock.  



Aug. 30          X – Country begins, 3:15-4:15



Sept. 1          5:30/6:30 Open House – Introduction of new staff, gym then classrooms

Sept. 5          No School – Labor Day

Sept. 6          Concert – Gym 8:10 – 8:50 (guitar)

Sept. 13        School Picture Day

Sept. 14        Early Release – 1:30

Sept. 27        PTSA @ H.S. – 6:30

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