Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017       



Taco’s Beef N Bean with Salsa


Applesauce Cup



Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Romaine Salad w/ Dressing

Diced Peaches



Lunch Workers for May 8th-12th:  Emerson Lorring, Kyana Hutchinson, Tanner Henderson, Tyler Lands



City of Seward Library Summer Reading Program


Join us at the Seward Community Library & Museum for the Summer Reading Program for preschool and elementary school students. This year’s theme is BUILD A BETTER WORLD. Families are invited to the annual Kick-Off Party on Saturday, May 27th from 1:00PM- 3:00PM for free food & fun! This program provides a fun way to include reading and related activities in summer family time, and helps children maintain and improve reading skills.


Other special youth programs at the Library Museum include:

  • The Sleeping Beauty performed by Stevens Puppets on Tuesday, June 13th, at 10:00 AM
  • Family Movie Nights at 5:00PM on Thursday, June 8th, June 22nd, July 13th, and July 27th
  • Lego Club Wednesdays at 4:00PM
  • Closing Celebration Saturday, August 5th at 2:00PM


All programs are free of charge.  Special thanks to the Seward Community Library Association for helping us sponsor the Summer Reading Program. For more information contact the Library at 224-4082.



Find breakfast and lunch menus online at


To pay sports fees and/or check balance on your child’s food service account:

Log into Powerschool

Click on lunch and fees

Click on “Lunch planner” for lunch or “fees” to pay for sports fees


PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!  Anyone who wants to substitute for Seward area schools can use the following link to sign up and take the online sub training.




WORD OF THE DAY: fatigue n.,adj.,v.

Definition: weariness from bodily or mental exertion.

Example: She was tired all the time but could find no reason for her fatigue.

Synonyms: exhaustion, weariness


FACT OF THE DAY:  A cat called Larry is an official employee of the UK government- appointed by none other than British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Officially Larry’s full title is “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” and his duties mainly involve keeping the residence of the Prime Minister free of pests such as mice and rats. Larry is one of only a handful of cats in British history to officially assume the role of Chief Mouser, though there have been many other cats that have served essentially the same role over the years who did so without the need for a fancy title or taxpayer money.

The role of mouser supposedly dates back to the reign of King Henry the 8th in the 16th century.

Initially, Cameron resisted the idea of hiring a Chief Mouser until rats were noticed scurrying around outside of 10 Downing Street in early 2011, so despite his reservations, he and his family went to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and adopted Larry, who began his tenure as Chief Mouser.

Despite high praise of his ninja-like killer instinct, Larry failed to make a kill until two months into his tenure, when he killed a small mouse and dropped it at the feet of one of Cameron’s secretaries. His work ethic & skill came under further scrutiny when anonymous sources revealed that Larry had been caught sleeping on the job on multiple occasions and even took a swing at a journalist. A year into his tenure, a press officer urged people to remember that Larry’s job doesn’t just involve hunting mice and rats, adding that his responsibilities also include “greeting guests to the house, inspecting security defenses and testing antique furniture for napping quality”.

Though he’s not a particularly effective Chief Mouser, it has been noted that Larry is exceptionally talented at greeting and entertaining guests, particularly children who seem to prefer his company to that of David Cameron.   Despite his lackluster work ethic , Larry captured the hearts of the people of Britain and has received many letters, treats and gifts from admirers over the years. A few years ago, Larry’s position as Chief Mouser was put in jeopardy when a new, younger female cat called Freya was brought into 10 Downing Street. She immediately began giving Larry a run for his money. Along with being more proficient at killing mice than Larry, Freya preferred to spend her time in the restricted areas where secret military missions and other classified matters are discussed. Larry, on the other hand, mostly just sleeps on David Cameron’s suits in his personal bedroom.

It was noted in one instance that Larry even refused to move when David Cameron saw a mouse run across the floor of his study. Cameron attempted to wake Larry to do his job, but Larry just lay there, uninterested in chasing the rodent. This led to rumors that the Prime Minister and Larry did not see eye to eye. As to the former accusation, a spokesman for the Prime Minister denied there was any rift between Larry and David, releasing an official statement that the pair got along well.  Nevertheless, Freya’s results could not be ignored forever and, shortly after her introduction to the household in 2012, reports were issued stating that the two cats would “share” the job of Chief Mouser. This did not sit well with Larry and the cats came to blows over the decision later that year forcing the police to step in and separate them. According to eyewitness accounts, Freya was the clear winner of the fight.

Larry once again became the sole Chief Mouser in 2014 when Freya was hit by a car.  She survived, at the cost of one of her nine lives, her owner decided to send her to the countryside, claiming she wasn’t cut out for city life.

Seward Parks & Rec &TYC News

Terry’s Tires Bike Rodeo!!

WANTED! Kids ALWAYS to wear helmets Terry’s Tires Bike Safety Rodeo Featuring Shoreside Petroleum’s “Helmet Junction” Saturday, May 13th; 10am to High Noon at City Hall. Bike Inspections, Bike Education, Shoreside’s Helmet Junction,  Barrel Racing, Obstacle Course, Pump It Up ! Prizes and the SPD Chuckwagon! T-shirts to the first 75 participants.


Super Saturday Cleanup Sat, May 13th

Pick up bags at Sports and Rec from 10 am to 4 pm. We need your help to clean up the town! Join the annual community litter and trash clean-up day! Prizes for those who collect the most trash! Hotdog feed and awards ceremony beginning at 6 pm at Branson Pavilion. For more information call SPRD @ 224-4054


TYC ASP– is in full swing. We offer recreational activities for kids in Elementary school Mon- Friday. Sports, Crafts, Games, Computer, Wii, Ping Pong and more. We use the AVTEC gym 1-2 days a week to play sports, games and the rock wall. Homework help is offered from 3:30-4pm daily. Please join us from 3:15- 5:30 for some afternoon fun. Contact Josie at for more information.


Seward Parks and Recreation Department (SPRD) public recreation hours to the AVTEC Gym: the public is invited to drop-in every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am to 9 pm.  Each Wednesday, the public can attend 8 am to 2 pm and Saturdays from 10 to 6pm.

  • Free hall walking in the gym will be offered from 9:30a.m. to 11a.m.
  • Indoor Park will be offered Tues-Fri. from 11 am to 12 noon.
  • Roller skating is Saturdays from 2 to 3:30pm
  • The rock climbing wall will be open on Fridays, 5-7PM. Participants must have two signed waivers, if under 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian to participate.



After School Program

TYC After School Program is in full swing. Grades K-5 are welcome to join us for some activities and excitement after school Monday – Friday. We offer a wide variety of activities daily including crafts, sports, cooking and team challenges. We also offer “Schools Out” Day Camps, Programs on Early Release days and Winter/Spring Break Camps. Scholarships applications are available, just ask Josie. Call 224-5472 or email





May 22       Field Day and school picnic

May 24       Student’s last day

May 26       Teacher’s last day

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