Welcome to Seward Elementary School!


Dear Families,

On behalf of the staff at Seward Elementary School, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our school. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and exploration!

William H. Seward Elementary School
Home of the Seward Sea Lions

School Colors: Blue and Gold
Principal: Alan Haskins

21st Century SchoolingWilliam H. Seward Elementary School’s
Vision Statements

Family Involvement

Our vision is to create and communicate ways for parents to partner with the school in order to support their child’s success.

Teacher Professional Development

Our staff of dedicated, enthusiastic professionals will work in unison under a guided philosophy of collaboration and teaching standards while continuing to learn and improve their own practices.

 Community & Culture

We will engage our local community, appreciate our local history, and utilize our local environment in order to prepare, encourage, and inspire our students to become active, civic-minded members of the community and stewards of the land.

 Students & Academics 

SES has a well-rounded academic focus, including the sciences and the arts, which creates confident, free-thinking students who work cooperatively to achieve common goals.

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