Minutes Septermber 2017 SSBC

Seward Schools Site-Based Council  Agenda – September 14th, 6:30pm Meeting at the Seward Middle School

Members:  Tim Cronin, Jennifer DesErmia, Monique Dorsel, Alan Haskins, Maggie Hillestad,  Bronwyn Hull, David Kingsland, Julie Doepken, Jenny Martin, Binget Nilsson, Geri Nipp, Sarah Spanos, Von Terry, Mica Van Buskirk, Trevan Walker

Guests:  Sean Dusek, Mary Beth Koster, Alyssa Fabian, Ashley Gurnsey, Grant Hinders, Morgan Woodard, Chad Hinders,

Call to order : 6:32pm Approval of Minutes: OK Public Comments:  None Approval of the Agenda: OK *Special Guest – Superintendent Sean Dusek*: Update district level – Strategic plan, 40 plus superintendents in town soon.  Professional development, deeper into personalized learning, teachers getting better, already good teachers. Highly engaged in election, keep in mind mayor election is critical.  Listen for statements that candidates say. Sept 19th, bureau assembly.  Budget meetings starting now, submit it April.  Oct 17th, update with budget and advocacy, what highlight and what can be improved.  What is advocacy plan?   Reports from Student Representatives  Seward Middle School-Grant Hinders-   1. Block scheduling 2. Sports, cross country, soccer, basketball starting soon 3. new teacher and principal  Seward High School-Ashley   1. Student council, new ideas, business meeting, brainstorming, interesting speaker, instructional review committee (materials deemed inappropriate)  2. Football, cross country, volleyball, swimming, debate,  3. Homecoming recently, went well, floats from all classes, great dance – DJ 4. Football, swimming  and cross country this weekend 5. National Honor Society starting up, provide tutoring

Old Business

New Business  School Goals – Current Year and Previous Year 1. HS:  Wave one school – 1st HS education elements, developing personalized learning,  process, August 17th launched, discovery phase Book Talk, also at Elem School.  Professional development. Design and implementation on Oct 21st. starting in every class in 2nd quarter. – learn, plan, adjust, implement and assess and adjust as necessary and re
implement – personal learning.   North of 96% graduation rate in 2017 2. MS:  Wave 2 school, learning and introducing, self-evaluation of personalized learning.  Book learning. Four books, groups doing each book.  Focus on personalized learning. Relationship as team and faculty, one staff member each student feels connected to.  3. Elem:  Personalized learning, looking at what it looks like and how it works in school. Ideas and what it looks like in school.    Site Council Officer Elections/Empty Positions/Meeting Schedule 1. g up as high school.  Need two other MS rep. Mica and Von will get together to try to get someone else.     2. Mica now has student in Connections – will shift to community member  3. Vice Chair:  David Kingsland 4. Secretary:  Geri 5. Chair:  Mica 6. PTA member:  in need 7. Meeting schedule:  2nd Thursday (stay same) – OK  PEAKS Test Results 1. One picture of the school 2. See/talk to Trevan on how to talk about it to other people 3. Seward Schools are actually doing pretty well 4. Creates baseline   Site Council Goals (if time allows)

Reports from Administrators, School Board Rep & PTSA Rep

 Alan Haskins     Seward Elementary  1. Muffins for mom and donuts for dad 2. Coin Drive for Hurricane Harvey 3. Cross Country 4. Boys and Girls club up and running 5. Lots of Field Trips 6. 22nd group of students signing Alaska State Flag Song 7. Personal learning for staff, peer observations 8.  Staffing: CJ Levine Emily Bena Carol Conant Megan new spec ed Tammy Christian John Roach ½ custodian Nurse needed Phycologist needed Special Aid needed 9.  302 pre-k through 5th grade:  278 K-5  Jenny Martin        Seward Middle School 1. 115 students 2. Cross country, soccer,  3. Mind A-mazes started and competing
4. Student leadership team met and new and starting some new things including fund raisers. 5. Block schedules this year, teacher connecting with students, study days, assembly, exploratory afternoon.  Major classes done in morning.   6. Joelly Math teacher 7. Clay Elsworth, 6th Grade 8. Pam Bauer moved from elem 9. Spec Ed 2 new Maddison and Marissa Amore 10. One more Spec Ed 11. Library Aid, Laura Haskins 12. Morgan Woodard- SRO

 Trevan Walker     Seward High School  1. 187 students,  2. No new teachers 3. Shawn Martin – Spec ed aide 4. Elly Straut – Spec Ed Aide 5. Policy:  Eat lunch in cafeteria, night school security change,   Lynn Hohl     School Board Member 1.  None       PTA Representative 1. Key members are stepping down 2. Fundraising drive is starting

Council Remarks – Round Table – Each Council Member – Closing Thoughts
Thanks for good start to year. Welcome new faces. Excited for new year.  Planners at school,
Fossil part, will go in science book.
SRO: not teaching class, wandering school, cop for 4 years, and Coast Guard prior to that.
Fire Department.  Crimes against children force
Safe School, enforce law, establish relationship with kids. There is somebody behind the
Add to Next Meetings Agenda (October 17th at 5:30pm, District Budget Meeting)